Joseph Oran Holtz

Joseph Oran Holtz & James Joseph Holt Sr., Riggins, Idaho County, Idaho 1941

Joseph Oran Holtz & James Joseph Holt Sr.

Riggins, Idaho County, Idaho 1941


This web site is dedicated to my ancestors, for if not for them, I would not be here. This page is the path to my genealogy research which envolves locating as many descendants of my oldest proven ancestors as possible.

What follows are a few of my ancestors. The ( 1st # ) following the name is how many descendants of that line are currently in the tree and the ( 2nd # ) is how many generations are in the tree.

Maternal Ancestors

John Jackson Jones ( 195 ) ( 7 )

James Jurgen Frederick Luth ( 231 ) ( 7 )

Zachariah Means ( 1989 ) ( 9 )

Mark Anthony Medley ( 779 ) ( 9 )

Joseph Dominique Pfeiffenschneider ( 237 ) ( 10 )

John R. Senterfeitt ( 869 ) ( 9 )

Paternal Ancestors

Jesse Lee Green ( 796 ) ( 11 )

John H. H. Holtz ( 140 ) ( 8 )

Nathaniel Redd ( 2094 ) ( 10 )

John Francis Rhodes ( 239 ) ( 9 )




Holtz family Holtz family: A brief overview of the Holtz family.

Luth family Luth family: A brief overview of the Luth family.

Pfeiffenschneider family Pfeiffenschneider family: A brief overview of the Pfeiffenschneider family.

Notable Relations Notable Relations: Notable or Historical connections within our tree.

Military Service Military Service: Relatives who served in the military, including four former Prisoners of War can be found here.

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LetterThis web site is a work in progress. If you think we might have a common ancestor via one of the names on the left, or one of the names via the "Names Index" link on the far left side of this page, or you have questions or comments about something you found on this site, please contact Jim Holt. I look forward to hearing from you.